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How to remove your display
The following pictures show an example of the process of removing a display. The approach is approximately the same with most notebook brands and models.
Download the instructions (PDF file, approx. 1.8 MB)
» Click here to download the instructions as a PDF file ...
We do NOT recommend removing the display without technical experience. We would like to point out that you could lose your notebook's manufacturer's warranty if you remove the display. TDComponents e.K. is not responsible for damage resulting in display removal/installation. If you are not qualified to perform the exchange, please contact a professional.
Safety information:
Before you start removing or installing a display make absolutely sure that the plug is pulled and the battery is removed from the notebook. All power supply must be removed.
Remove all screw covers.
(mostly 4 to 6)
Remove all screws from the bezel. CHECK if all screws have been removed; sometimes the bezel also has screws on the outer sides of the lid or underneath the manufacturer’s label..
To remove the bezel:
Start at the lower edge of the LCD panel. Push your fingers between the bezel and the LCD panel, and carefully remove the bezel all around, up to the top edge of the panel. Be very careful, because the bezel tends to break easily.
Remove the screws between holding frame and laptop lid in order to get to the holding screws of the LCD panel.
Carefully remove the holding screws for the LCD panel.
Carefully tilt the LCD panel towards the front.
Caution! The cables are still connected!
Carefully pull the data plug out of the tilted display.
If possible, do not pull the data plug holding on to the data connection!
Now remove the backlight plug from the inverter.
(Please do not pull at the connection!)
Caution! High Voltage! The laptop has to be disconnected from the power supply and the battery has to be removed.
The removal is now finished.
To install the new LCD panel, repeat the process in REVERSE order.

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