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If your LCD-display seems to be defective, it is useful to make an error analysis in advance, because it is possible that it is not the display that is defective but another component. (inverter, video chip, fuse …)

Whether you send us your complete notebook or only the display, depends on you. We recommend our replacement service to technical less skilled people.

For the amount of work necessary for the error analysis we charge 19,90 EUR (incl. VAT).

In case your display is working alright, we give you information on other possible defects at your laptop.

If you decide for a repair or for buying a replacement display, we have to add the costs for the analysis to the particular price completely.

Damaged surface/polarizer
light scratches
damage caused by aggressive cleanser
attrition through trackball
attrition through keyboard
Repair option::

YES – replacement under clean room conditions.

deep scratches
major dents

Repair option: In this case we can tell you whether a repair, e.g. replacement of polarizer makes still sense or if there are already irreparable damages because of glass breakage.
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Error patterns and repair options
Defective backlight/CCFL-tube
replacement of backlight necessary
display is dimmed, data is only weakly visible, in addition an important note:
  30% of all cases: the backlight is defective, a replacement is possible
  70% of all cases: there is a different source for the defect:
"Inverter is defective:
In this case, an error analysis is necessary To investigate on all options, it is best to send us your complete notebook. The
Permanent or temporary discolouration, e.g. red lustre
Image is flickering
Unbalanced light arrangement
Repair option: YES - replacement of backlight

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Display does not show data, only a white, bright surface
Repair option: NONE

Display repair or defective transmission of data from laptop.
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Breakage of glass
Repair option: NONE

Replacement of display necessary
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Stripes/bonds horizontal or vertical
Repair option: NONE

Replacement of display necessary
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