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Buy more, get better conditions - of course that is not a secret to us as well. We are always trying to give best prices to our customers. Apply for a LOGIN and you will be assigned other price categories automatically. So that you can offer good prices to your customers too. We are looking forward to a good collaboration!

Your advantages ...

  • More favourable conditions
  • Rapid ordering
  • Control your purchase order status online
  • Administrate customer information online
  • Overview over all your orders
  • Regular information about special prices (on demand)
What do we need?

  • Your customer information
  • Your VAT-ID-Number
How to get your login ...

  • Fill in the following form and submit it
  • Receive an e-mail with our contact information
  • As soon as we received a document which proofs the existence of your company we will activate your login.
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