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'When you have found your desired product, you can put it in the shopping basket without obligation by clicking the “shopping basket” button. You can watch the products in the shopping basket at any time and without obligation by clicking the “shopping basket” button. You can remove the products from the shopping basket at any time. The corresponding icons are explained on the particular page.
If you want to buy the products in the shopping basket, click the button “go to cash point”. Please insert your personal details then. Obligatory details are marked with a *. A registration is not necessary. Your data will be transmitted as encoded information.
After having inserted your data, please click the “continue” button. Afterwards select the method of shipping and insert- if necessary – a different delivery address. Click again on the “continue “ button. Now you can check your entries once again. At the end of this page please click on the “pay” button and select the method of payment. After you have selected your method of payment, please click the “finish order” button. That makes your order of the products in the shopping basket obliging.
If you have selected payment by credit card, then you can do that on the next page. The transaction will be carried out by “ipayment”, so you leave our shop site for a moment. Insert your data on the “ipayment” site and click “finish payment”.
If you have decided for a payment via PayPal, you can do so on the next page. Click on the PayPal icon and leave our shop site momentarily. The transaction of payment is now done by PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, you have the opportunity to sign up. Otherwise you enter your e-mail address and password and you get to the page where you can proceed with your payment. To finish the transaction, please click the “confirm order” button.
You can stop the process at any time by closing the browser window. You receive further information on the particular pages, e.g. on ways of correction. After having finished the order, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
If you have decided for the option prepayment, your order process is finished by clicking the “finish order” button.

The contract of sale is concluded with TDComponents e.K., holder: Dipl.Ing. (FH) Dipl. Wirtschaftsing. (FH) Hermann Lindermaier, Flurstraße 65, 86551 Aichach, Germany. The TDComponents shop is a certified online-shop and has itself committed to meet the demands of the Trusted Shops (see www.trustedshops.de). You can contact our costumer service for questions, reclamations and complaints on working days from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm by phone: +49(0)8251-88830 and e-mail: shop@tdcomponents.com.
The description of products in our online shop represent a non-binding online catalogue. Consequently, all our offers are not legal binding:

By clicking the button "finish order" on the page "payment and completion of your order" during the ordering process, you agree to a compulsory order of the products that are in your shopping basket. You receive a confirmation of your order by e-mail right after having sent the order. That completes the contract of sale..
The price for our products is composed of the displayed net prices for the products, the value added taxes depending on the nationality of the customer and the delivery costs. We ship worldwide with GO!EXPRESS and in exceptional cases with UPS. You find the exact amount for your country in our deliver cost overview. Delivery cost overview..
'The following methods of payment are available: prepayment, collect on delivery, credit card and PayPal. Traders can also pay by invoice.

Cost of payment
For the payment methods Paypal and credit card no further costs will be charged to the customer. With collect on delivery there will be charged an extra fee - please see our delivery cost overview for further details. Please also check fees charged when paying by moneyorder/bank transfer - consult your bank for further details.

Time of payment
With Paypal, bank transfer and collect on delivery you determine the time of payment on yourself. With Paypal your Paypal account or in consequence your bank account will be charged. Credit card payments are processed by our online clearing partner Ipayment (see ipayment.de). Ipayment will charge your credit card immediately after having finished the checkout process.
The delivery is worldwide. All articles that are available in the shop, are ready for shipment unless they differ distinctly from the description in our catalogue. Online orders that are completed before 2.00 pm are usually sent out the same working day. The delivery time depends on the transit time for packages of the particular shipper, usually 2-3 working days.
Consumers have the right of withdrawal within a period of two weeks. The right of withdrawal does not apply for products that are custom-made or clearly modified for the demands of the costumer or that are – because of their nature - not suitable for return. It does also not apply for perishable goods and products for which the expiry date has run out. Another exception are software, audio and video recordings that are unsealed by the consumer and furthermore, newspapers, journals and magazines.


Right of withdrawal
You may withdraw from your agreement to the contract within two weeks in written form (such as by letter, fax, e-mail) without stating any reasons or by sending back the goods. The term starts at earliest with this instruction. For keeping the term, just send us your revocation or goods in time. The revocation shall be sent to:

TDComponents e.K.
Holder: Dipl.Ing. (FH) Dipl. Wirtschaftsing. (FH) Hermann Lindermaier
Flurstraße 65, 86551 Aichach
Fax: +49-(0)8251-8883-29
E-mail: shop@tdcomponents.com

Consequences of revocation
In case of an effective revocation, both parties are obligated to return mutually received benefits and to transfer advantages (e.g. interests) where applicable. If you are not able to return goods or received services in full or partly or in impaired condition , you are obliged to pay compensation. This does not apply if the impairment of goods was caused by testing the product – comparable to a product check when buying in a local shop. Incidentally, compensation for impairment can be avoided by not using the product in an owner like manner and by avoiding anything that might impair the product’s quality. Goods that are transportable in parcels are to be sent back on our costs and risk. Goods not transportable in parcels will be collected from you. All obligations in order to reimburse payments have to be fulfilled within 30 days after posting your revocation.

Warranty and customer service  
The warranty is based upon the legal requirements. For all defects that occur during the legal period of warranty of two years from delivery, you have the legal right of performance ex post (according to your choice: repair of defect or new delivery) and – if the legal requirements are respected – the legal right of reduction of the purchase price or withdrawal as well as compensation. You have to allow us two tries for subsequent improvement. If your preferred way of subsequent performance is only possible under disproportional costs, your claim will be altered to a different performance.

You can contact our costumer service for questions, reclamations and complaints on weekdays from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm by phone under +49(0)8251-88830 as well as by e-mail under shop@tdcomponents.com.
TDCOMPONENTS e.K. takes great care in preparing its Internet pages and ensures that they are brought up to date regularly, but the Company cannot give any guarantee that access to them will always be uninterrupted, nor that the information provided on these Internet pages such as pictures, text, prices, and other forms of presentation will always be complete, correct, and up to date. TDCOMPONENTS e.K. reserves the right to make alterations and additions to the information that is provided.

TDCOMPONENTS e.K. therefore bears no liability, provided the law so permits, for direct or indirect loss or damage including forgone profit caused or in any way connected with information provided on this website.

The foregoing also apples to all links to which these Internet pages make direct or indirect reference. TDCOMPONENTS e.K. is not responsible for the information on any page that can be reached by means of any such link.

TDCOMPONENTS e.K. shall bear no liability for any loss or damage resulting from pulling up, downloading, or storing these pages or links.
In the following instruction all electronic replacement parts are referred to as products. These are sold by TDComponents e.K. as new, refurbished and used products. The condition of products is described in our internet shop as following:
New product: A-Ware
Refurbished product: B-Ware
Used product: C-Ware

If you need further information please contact our support team.
The business purpose of this contract is the order of products by the customer and the delivery of products by TDComponents e.K..

The contract is concluded by the electronic sending of the order by the customer at the end of the ordering process (application)

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